Heather Carson
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“Heather Carson merges Dan Flavin's industrial-strength fluorescent tubes and lighting fixtures with Agnes Martin's painted pastel abstractions of horizontal color bars, forming an unlikely pairing for wall sculptures simultaneously ephemeral and muscular.”

Christopher Knight
LA Times



Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery
C.O.L.A. Exhibition



“…a group of metal cubes, their skeletons highlighted by fluorescent bulbs, sits in a lonesome abandoned storefront. There, they light up and dim out every few seconds, enacting a poignant rise-and-fall, cradle-to-grave saga, like a fifty-first-century Henry Moore family group, distilled from too-solid flesh to pure electronic DNA. Or maybe they’re more like a passel of stress-position cages in some Gitmo on Ice Station Zebra?”

Matthew Wilder



Phantom Galleries, Beverly Hills



“Sculptor and installation artist Heather Carson leads a parallel life as a theatrical lighting designer whose experimental use of industrial equipment led her to venture off the stage and into storefronts, airplane hangars, parking lots, and galleries, pursuing her affection for the abstract mathematical structure of lighting-grids and the optical character of indoor/outdoor light sources and spatial perception.”

Shana Nys Dambrot
C.O.L.A. Catalogue essay, May 2011


“Production of the Decade”
The Guardian

34-Richard II.jpg

The Histories Project

Royal Shakespeare Company, West End



“Among lighting designers, Heather Carson is one of the great, idiosyncratic talents. She has built a significant career, beginning in downtown theatre and dance, later working in classic theatre and opera. Her controversial ideas fly in the face of conventional notions about theatre lighting, but you have only to see one production designed by her to know how effective her work can be.”

David Barbour
Entertainment Design

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Harvey Milk

San Francisco Opera